Facility Managers

As a facility professional, it’s your job to make sure that everything is running at optimal performance. Anything less would be a waste of resources.

Do you have pipes that are left uninsulated or perhaps have lost some or much of their shielding? Every break in the insulation or exposed elbow in a system causes a measurable loss in the efficient running of the machinery at your location and therefore, costs associated with it are higher than they need be.

Proper insulating will also allow these systems to function with less stress put on their component pieces and in this way, increases the lifespan of your systems.

No one knows your facility better than you do, and no one knows how to help get maximum thermal efficiency out of what you have better than Thermo-Dynamics International. Let us work with you so we can get the absolute best out of your industrial infrastructure.

Allow us to provide you with a Certified Energy Audit that will provide a custom solution with the right specification, long lasting products and most importantly… Long Lasting Return on Investment!

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– A properly designed, specified, installed and maintained insulation system is an investment with a high rate of return – PAYBACKS ARE OFTEN LESS THAN 6 MONTHS

– Insulation is one of the most effective technologies available today to conserve energy, save money and preserve the environment.

Companies that implement a comprehensive plan to reduce energy spending will gain a definitive competitive edge.

Energy Savings with the use of mechanical insulation (“Low-Hanging Fruit”) is simply an OPPORTUNITY that cannot be overlooked.

Please take a moment to contact us to set up your appointment and start saving soon.