Certified Energy Audits

Energy costs are skyrocketing! Energy expenses are one of the highest costs associated with managing a building or manufacturing plant and its processes. TDI has several National Insulation Association’s Certified Energy Appraisers on staff and would welcome the opportunity to conduct a site visit to determine how much upgraded or enhanced insulation can save you.

Without properly installed and maintained insulation, hot systems and equipment can cause serious injury and become expensive to operate. The return on investment for a professionally installed mechanical insulation system is often less than 6 months and the savings are tremendous.

How Does An Appraisal Work?

Through visual inspection, interviews and analysis, an appraiser conducts a thorough evaluation of your facility’s existing in-place insulation systems. The thermal performance of insulated piping and equipment will be compared to that of any uninsulated, or underinsulated, piping and equipment in your facility. Based on the analysis findings, the appraiser will document the actual Btu/dollars/emissions you are saving/losing with your current system and the potential savings and reductions in emission levels possible with an insulation upgrade. Your final customized report will identify recommendations based on analysis findings and will calculate the potential return on investment through insulation optimization.

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– A properly designed, specified, installed and maintained insulation system is an investment with a high rate of return – PAYBACKS ARE OFTEN LESS THAN 6 MONTHS

– Insulation is one of the most effective technologies available today to conserve energy, save money and preserve the environment.

Companies that implement a comprehensive plan to reduce energy spending will gain a definitive competitive edge.

Energy Savings with the use of mechanical insulation (“Low-Hanging Fruit”) is simply an OPPORTUNITY that cannot be overlooked.